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Are You Looking For Practical Food Safety Solutions to Ensure That Your Food is 100% Safe?

Delivered by a highly qualified food safety expert
with extensive industry experience?

Then you’ve come to the right place. As an owner or manager of a food processing or preparation business, you want to ensure the food you supply is 100% safe, to protect both yourself and your customers. After all, the success of your business depends on it.

The Gourmet Guardian specialises in helping food manufacturers and distributors achieve the absolute highest level of food safety standards through cost effective and practical Food Safety Programs, quick and easy Food Safety Audits and comprehensive range of Food Safety Training course options.

Do you want a Food Safety Program with a GUARANTEE of HACCP certification success on the first attempt?

Other food safety service providers prepare your food safety program and accept your payment regardless of whether you pass HACCP certification or not. We're different because we take responsibility for delivering your business a successful result on your first attempt at HACCP certification. In fact, we guarantee it!

We are so confident that the program we prepare for you will result in successful HACCP certification for your business, if it doesn’t pass on the first attempt we will give you your money back.

We are the only provider who offers this 100% Money Back Guarantee, so contact us now to discuss how we can help YOUR business achieve HACCP certification success.

The Gourmet Guardian Guarantee

7 Reasons To Choose The Gourmet Guardian

  1. We offer a wide range of cost effective and practical food safety solutions.
  2. Our programs make achieving your HACCP certification simple, with little interruption to your business.
  3. We provide food safety programs specifically designed for your business.
  4. Our certified food safety auditors are fully qualified to the highest standard and have practical industry experience.
  5. We offer a range of food safety training courses covering all food industry sectors.
  6. We GUARANTEE that the food safety program we prepare will result in HACCP certification for your business at the first attempt or we give you your money back.
  7. We go beyond mere compliance to food safety excellence!

The Easy Steps to Food Safety Online Course:
Food Safety Compliance System

Food Safety Compliance System

The Gourmet Guardian has developed a complete food safety compliance system online course designed to turn YOU into a food safety expert!

We have condensed 10 years worth of accumulated food safety knowledge into this convenient online 12 month course!

The course content is separated into bite size chunks that you will find ‘easily digestible’ and because the course is delivered online, you can work independently at your own pace and easily fit it into your busy life style.

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Other Valuable Food Safety Services

Gourmet Guardian also offers training and solutions in a range of other areas:

  • Allergen management (becoming increasingly necessary for food management professionals)
  • Contract trainers
  • Kitchen management solutions
  • Specialised food safety equipment

For more information, click here to contact us or phone 1800 FOOD SAFETY (1800 366 372) now to discuss how The Gourmet Guardian can help your business achieve the highest possible standards in food safety.

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Date updated: 28 March, 2012